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ATTORNEY ADVERTISING DISCLAIMER. The contents of this website should not be construed as legal advice on any specific fact or circumstance. Its content was prepared by The Ruckdeschel Law Firm, LLC (a Maryland law firm organized as a limited liability company with its principal office at 8357 Main Street, Ellicott City, Maryland 21043, Phone: 410-750-7825). It was designed for general information purposes only. Your receipt of such information does not create an attorney-client relationship with The Ruckdeschel Law Firm, LLC or any of its lawyers. You should not act or rely on any of the information contained herein without seeking professional legal advice. Prior results referred to in these materials do not guarantee or suggest a similar result in other matters. The Ruckdeschel Law Firm, LLC's lawyers are licensed in Maryland, Florida, and the District of Columbia. They and the Firm cannot file actions in all states without associating locally licensed attorneys and/or becoming admitted in that jurisdiction for a limited purpose. The Ruckdeschel Law Firm, LLC lawyer responsible for the contents of this website is Jonathan Ruckdeschel.